look at me

over here posting all late in the day and stuff.  Oh well, it's been a busy day.  I had shopping to do!

I was on my way home from Brazoria and I passed that field again.  Today it was a little sunnier but the yellow still isn't as vibrant as it is in person.

I'm about to submit a picture for a different photo challenge.  I could take the time to explain but it doesn't really matter.  I do the one on a regular basis and it's strictly Instagram and FB but this other is a separate app created for this.  Anyway, today's "Do of the Day" is "When kids make you nervous".  That wasn't difficult.  Well, maybe it was because most people are posting pics of their little kids doing crazy things and I don't exactly fit into that category.  So this pic is of Eric's skateboard and the hospital bracelets from that night he decided to hang onto a car and fall off... I won't talk about it anymore but here's the pic I got this afternoon.

Now I'm off to do some party planning.

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