i can't

sleep so I figured I'd do tomorrow's post right now.  I was lying in bed playing Words With Friends and then I opened a photo app.  I read a prompt of "Grown-Up Things to Do".  Then an idea hit and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to jump out of bed and grab my camera... after I asked Eric if he had any cheap cigars lying around.  I went to the garage and worked on my idea.  Here it is.

I am happy with it.

Earlier today I was frustrated, just from all the car stuff and then people irritating me on top of that.  I came in here and grabbed my sketchpad to express exactly how I was feeling.  This is it.

Eric saw it when I was finished and asked if he could have it framed for his room.  So I signed it "Mom" with a smiley face.  I thought that finished it off nicely.

On a much lighter note, my bread turned out moist and buttery.

Now that I got some sleep, let's see what today brings.

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