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a secret?  I was looking at paint today.  It's really no big deal because it's for the laundry room.  Still though, about 15 years ago I was asked not to pick out paint and start painting... ever again.  It's not like anybody cares if something gets painted but let's just say I'm not known for having the best judgment.  As much as I like an awesome shade of neutral drab, I've had some pretty drastic outcomes.  I know I've told this story many times before but I guess it all started when Cosme woke up one morning and the kitchen was a goldish color.  The color wasn't crazy but it didn't match the counter tops.  Easy fix.  Get new counter tops to match the new paint.  New counter tops installed and the gold still didn't match.  This time he went with me to pick out a color and everything looked fine.  He had his doubts about my ideas at that point but I think painting the living room walls with sections of brown might have done it for him.  Or maybe it was the green I selected for the old bathroom.  Or maybe it was when I decided to antique the old kitchen cabinets.  Either way, I was politely asked not to do anything crazy again... like pick out paint by myself. 

Anyway, we painted the kitchen and living room a couple of years ago and the laundry room was never done.  Sure, I could stick with the color we have on the other walls but why would I do that?  I mean it's the laundry room.  What would it hurt to be a little off and prove I can do it?

Here's a strip I picked up today.  The top two colors are too similar to what is already there.  I really like the third one.

But when I hold it next to the tile, I just don't know.  I could go with the darkest to match the grout but since the grout is just dirty, I won't do that.  (For the record, I wouldn't do that anyway since the laundry room is so small and pretty dark.)  And the longer I look at the samples, the more purple I see and realize I need a different tone of grey.
Or maybe... just maybe... I could paint it any color and then get new floors to match!  That would be nice but I think there are too many other things on my wish list right now.  Oh well, maybe I'll stop and pick up a few more colors before I do anything drastic.

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Anonymous said...

That's ok, your mother doesn't let me pick colors either.