just like I said

I came back for the second day.  And this time, my card reader decided to join me.

These were from the storm last week.

And when I was waiting out the lightning flashes, I was getting the cars going down the street.


Now I just hope the weather calms down and stays dry for a few days.  A week or so would be good.  Long enough for me to pressure wash the back porch and enjoy a few days without muddy paw prints everywhere.  I don't know.  It's weird.  I've not only been wanting to do the whole spring cleaning thing but some kind of a DIY bug has hit too... and I'm totally not the DIY type.  Well, I'd like to be the DIY type but I'm only lacking a couple of things: skills and patience.  Who knows, maybe this will be The Spring of Melanie.  Probably not but it has a nice ring to it, in a far fetched sort of way.  Ready, Set, Go.

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