we haven't had

my grandmother's peach cobbler since about 2002.  We've tried them in restaurants but never found anything like hers.  One place came close (The Jay Cafe in Needville) but not enough to go back for more.  Anyway, I've been searching through recipes since probably 2007 trying to find it.  And then, one day last month, there it was.  I had been flipping through one of her recipe binders (for the 100th time) to compare the recipes she had with how I remember her making it and there it was, staring at me.  I know it's not the exact way she made it because I remember certain substitutions that wouldn't be listed in any of the recipes she has.  BUT... I found what I believe to be the base of her recipe.  I made it a few weeks ago and confirmed everything.  Again, it wasn't exact because I went by the recipe.  Now I'm on round two, after making a few changes that I know she made in the way I think she did it.  I doubt we're at 100% now and probably never will be but this is the closest we've had to her peach cobbler in 13 years and that makes us all happy around here.

Look at that.

Now for a little depressing news.  Although we never topped her cobbler with anything, I was in the mood for ice cream (probably because it's been all over the news lately).  Since Blue Bell has shut down production to clean up all that listeria mess they have going on, there isn't good ice cream on the shelves and we're having to use... Blue Bunny.  I feel so wrong just typing that.  It's like the hot sauce that's made in New York City.  Get a rope.  On the bright side, the cobbler was a little tart so the ice cream helped.

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