yesterday was

July 4th, the day we celebrate America.  Yesterday was also the day's DNA department let me know they've started processing my spit sample to let me know how American I'm not. 

I'm excited and can't wait to find out more details and compare it to what I already think/know.

Archer killed a mockingbird the other day.  I freaked out a little.  I have no problem with the dogs killing things but I do have a problem with the remnants.  Since I'm the one here all day and the one who goes out to the backyard more, it means I'm the one who stumbles upon dead bodies and everything that comes along with them.  I don't handle guts and maggots well.  I just don't.  All the other birds were angry and while their buddy was screaming its death cries and convulsing in pain, they were freaking out and flying from fence to tree to shed and trying to get closer to their comrade.  I was panicking because now that Archer had already caught and tasted one bird, what was I supposed to think would happen if more showed up?  Well, I was getting angry thinking they might try to attack him but then I was dreading him catching more.  The evening passed with no other fatalities or injuries (or at least any that I've found) but sure enough, that dead bird was left on the back porch for me.  Kill stuff.  Fine.  JUST DO AWAY WITH THE BODIES SO I DON'T HAVE TO SEE IT.  They'll never catch on.  Thinking about it gives me the willies.  I'll never be able to hunt.

And then there are the cats.  I caught Strat chasing a bug the other day.  Instead of pouncing to kill and eat the centipede, he was chasing it.  I can't win with these animals.  I killed it and threw it away and then thanked Strat for letting me do his job.

I went in later to play with paint for a red, white and blue theme.  I caught him lying on a paint rag I had in there.  Luckily it was dry.

I also caught him lying around just watching everything in the living room.  It was probably another centipede.

I need to go fold clothes.  SOMEBODY has to do something around here.

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