the alarm went off at

5:00 this morning.  I've pretty much been hungry ever since.  The odd thing is I'm not usually hungry super early, except for Thursdays when Cosme doesn't eat breakfast at home and there isn't already a dirty pan... typical.  Anyway, today's Thursday and I've been hungry.  I've been putting off making myself something because nothing has really sounded good.  I've been avoiding taking the garbage out because, well, I'll just say shrimp.  I've left the garage door cracked open to make it better.  I think everyone knows I have a sensitive stomach and I can't handle quite a few smells.  (insert gagging)  Have I mentioned that I discovered the smell of ground cinnamon give me a HORRIBLE headache with mild nausea?  Anyway, I knew the garbage would totally kill my appetite.  I started to empty a few containers from the fridge and gasped when I almost threw out my baked beans from Tuesday.  Have I mentioned that I love beans?

So I took the garbage out, rinsed out a few containers and then it hit me.  Beans.  Beans for breakfast.  I cut up a hot dog and am having Beanie Wienies for breakfast. 

I love this baked beans recipe.  I found it online a few years ago from The Pioneer Woman's website.  It's what I make now.  They turned out a little thick so I probably could have taken them out of the oven sooner but I didn't.  Oh well.  It doesn't matter because I saved them from being thrown out and now I'm full. 

My to-do list is kind of small today but I don't feel like doing any of it.  Sounds like I might need a speed cleaning video or two from YouTube.  I don't even feel like watching one of those.  I'm so full I feel like plopping.  If I were the responsible type who plans ahead, I'd go to the store now before it gets too hot and get my errands out of the way.  Guess I'm headed to the store.

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