highway expansion has got nothing

on an article I read this morning.  Like I've already mentioned, I wake up hungry on Thursdays for some reason.  Today's Thursday.  I started off the day by reading this excellent culinary write up on something they do in France that we should all try.  Get this.  It's seriously mind blowing, just genius.  In France, they get bread and before putting cheese on it, they spread butter on it.  THAT'S RIGHT.  They spread butter on bread before they put cheese on it.  I actually didn't read the whole article but skimmed down to see what this spectacular thing is the French are doing that we're all missing out on.  When I caught the highlights, I said "really?" and quit skimming.  I'm tempted to write and ask what hole the author crawled out of.  Maybe I should submit my childhood request of butter sandwiches.  I might should call the Brazoria County News and volunteer to write a new culinary column.  Munchies with Mel.

In case that butter sandwich has your mouth watering, Archer threw up yesterday and I collected the bits from it in case it got worse and we ended up at the vet.  He got better.  I guess it was bone.  I really don't know what else it could have been and I don't think I do want to know.  I got a few pictures of them in the cage because they were there and my camera was in my hand.

Bored... but not bored enough to want to go outside.

They started moving and my auto focus went for something other than the dogs' faces.  You get what's there though.  It's just dogs being cute.

I let Maggie out to go to the bathroom and Archer did his usual thing of hanging back.  I got a couple of pictures of him with my phone.

I also didn't let them inside last night.  Ever since school has let out, there's been a bunch of crap happening around town at night.  People's things are getting messed with and destroyed.  Yesterday I read that someone in the neighborhood's basketball goal was knocked over the night before.  I know someone has driven through our yard already and messed up the neighbor's car.  The same night that happened, there were reports of broken car windows in other parts of the neighborhood.  Now it just seems to be an Angleton thing and it sounds like a group of kids who need to be taught a lesson.  Let me at 'em.

Now I need to go wash off my breakfast dishes.  I didn't have bread with butter and cheese but instead, lasagna.  I wonder if they've tried that in France yet.  Maybe?

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