i went to target on

Friday morning to get dryer sheets because that is the only store that sells the scent of the brand I like.  I went in and had to stop in their little dollar section.  There was absolutely nothing I needed but I managed to talk myself into buying TWO boxes of those little white poppers you throw down and pop (I guess because I loved them so much as a 9-year-old, I figured I'd probably still love them now) and a notepad.  I can understand the notepad but the poppers?  It was a weak moment.  I made my way back to the fabric softener and picked up a box of the sheets.  I was distracted by a cat cookie jar on clearance on my way back to the checkout stand but while I didn't get the cookie jar (which would've gone on the bookcase outside the cat room), I decided I needed to check all the clearance shelves in the home department.  I found a candle holder that was marked down to $6.98.  I had to get it. 

With its grey base I knew it would be perfect on the blue bookshelf outside the cat room (since I'm trying to find neutrals to tone down the blue that I'm still not crazy about).  I made it out of the store with just those few things.

Next stop was Hobby Lobby because I wanted to see what size canvases they had in stock.  Walking in, I saw that all their yard stuff was on clearance.  I had to check it all out because I've been thinking about a certain owl for wedding reception decor.  They didn't have the owl but they did have an Elvis garden gnome.  I don't like gnomes but I do like Elvis.  I sent this picture to Mom and told her to tell me no. 

She didn't reply.  I called Lauren and told her to tell me I didn't need it.  I sent her the picture and she told me I had to get it.  It was decided.  I got it.  (I later got a text from Mom telling me I needed it.)  I guess they aren't the best support system.  They'd suck at being those partners/sponsors for a 12 step program.  Anyway, while walking around HL with Elvis, I found a couple of owls on sale.  I sent Paige a text and bought those.  Walking around a little more, I found the same candle holder I JUST bought at Target for $6.98 and it was $19.99.  The larger one was $29.99 at HL and was only $8.99 at Target.  (I'm thinking I should go back to Target today and get the larger one... in addition to the cat cookie jar.)

The journey to Target for dryer sheets ended at Ross, where I thought I might could find a few reception decorations.  I did find a couple of things but I also found some decorative balls that could go in the new candle holder (instead of a candle).  I told myself this trip was getting out of hand and then got back on track with my to-do list.

Once I got home, I put the balls in the candle holder and found out they're too big.

I also found out I put my frames back to soon and the paint was messed up.  And I know the blue above and the blue below look like two different colors from the lighting but the bookcase is the color of the top blue.

After spending the weekend thinking about it all (bad spots, shades of blue, decorations), I've pretty much decided to paint the bookcase another color so I can quit trying to tone down the blue.  The good news is I did see a picture of a color yesterday and I think it might be the perfect color for the bookcase.  I also think the new decorations will still look good, minus the little globes that are too big for the candle holder.  I also think I'll wait until it's cooler outside and make sure the paint is totally dry before putting anything back on the shelves.  Live and learn.

Now will someone please tell me I don't need that other candle holder?  OR THE CAT COOKIE JAR (which is marked down to $13.98 in the store)?

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