i went outside for pictures

with the dogs yesterday.  I really wish Archer didn't hate the camera so much.  Once again, most of the pictures I have of him are out of focus or only partial shots of him.  I have to get pictures of him with the camera away from my face.  As soon as I hold it to my face, he's done with it.

This one almost had potential.

"Lady.  I know what you're up to and cut it out."
Finally, one I can keep.

And once again, there's Maggie who has no problems with the camera... especially when she's watching bugs that I can't see.

But she still has her off moments of not letting me focus.

"I just heard something.  You have 2 seconds before I chase more bugs."
But not long ago, maybe last week or so, I asked why dogs couldn't channel all their energy into doing good.  Here we go, perfect example.

Archer wanted Maggie's attention so she could help him tell me about something but she was too busy watching bugs.

Good boy, Archer.  Point it out.

Now tell me all about it.

Still not holding the camera to my face, I didn't want to risk losing what he was trying to show me.

After he pointed it out, I went inside and got a can of spray and sprayed a big nest loaded with wasps.  I guess it was a wasp nest.  I couldn't tell you for sure because we ran away after that.  Then he considered his good deed done and still wouldn't let me get any pictures.

In DNA news, I'm still waiting.

In Zyrtec news, I just realized I didn't take any and I'll regret it in a couple of hours if I don't do it now.

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