the results are in and I was

off.  Not way off, but off.

The areas circled are the less than 1% and trace amounts.  The percentages are in the white box to the left. 

The areas highlighted are what I'm made of.

I don't understand how DNA works exactly because apparently the little over a quarter of my ancestors who were Scandinavian, their stuff wasn't very dominant in my makeup.

This is my people from the last couple of hundred years. 

This doesn't make sense because a quarter of those Scandinavian ancestors should be represented in the northern states by the ones who settled in Minnesota.  Right?  I wonder if my DNA matches (through those ancestors) show anything from the northern states.  I don't know.  Maybe it just doesn't show because it's a low number of people compared to the massive amount that came over to the Carolinas?  Who knows.  I guess this just means I'm a die hard southerner... like we didn't know that.

I am surprised by the percentages, knowing what I do about my family tree.  I expected more than the 8% Scandinavian and didn't expect the highest percentage to be 34% as Irish.  The 33% English didn't surprise me but I guess since I expected it to be higher, there were just more Irish than expected.  I don't know.  I do know this answers a couple of things for me.  Going by the percentages, I see now why I hate fish so much (low Scandinavian makeup) and can't go without potatoes (high Irish makeup).  Oh, it might also explain the crazy temper I get.  Then again, I hear those Vikings might have had tempers too...  I'm sure those things are scientifically proven and not just stereotypes.  Even if, it sounds good to me.

And in a very non-stereotype sort of way, I had Lucky Charms for breakfast.  They're having a contest to win a box of nothing but marshmallows.  I didn't win.

So much for the luck of the Irish.

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