i mentioned my trip to

Hobby Lobby on Friday. 







I don't know if I'm quite ready for that right now.

Cosme played tennis on Sunday morning so I dropped him off and waited at Eric's.  Once he was finished, I picked him up and we went back to Eric's and had breakfast.  Driving down I10, I was thinking back to when I was a teenager and worrying about the Datsun overheating in one of the three lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic.  I probably wouldn't have worried so much if they'd done this in 1988.

Back then there were just the few lanes for each direction and then the one HOV lane, which headed east or west depending on the time of day.  Now there is one HOV lane next to one toll lane for each direction and then outside the barrier of that area is the seven or so regular lanes.  I've traveled that road many times since then but when it's so empty like it was on Sunday morning, the massiveness of it really stands out.

Now that I've totally captured your attention with my amazement of highway expansion over the last 30 years, I'll think of something really crazy for tomorrow.  The evolution of light bulbs?

Speaking of visiting with Eric, he was supposed to come over yesterday.  It was also our anniversary so I thought I'd make a cheesecake for dessert to go with our lasagna.  The last time Eric came over he was a little disappointed after he asked if I'd saved him a piece of that cobbler and the answer was no.  I thought it'd really suck if I didn't give him a heads up and tell him he might want to wait and come another day since I knew the cheesecake wouldn't have cooled and set up by the time came and left yesterday.  I could just picture it.  I told Cosme he didn't need to post anything on social media since I don't like attention like that but then I could picture myself posting dessert pics... and Eric seeing them and thinking "WTF??? I WAS JUST THERE AND SHE DIDN'T OFFER ME ANY???".  So Eric didn't come yesterday but is coming Friday instead.  I'll make sure to have cheesecake for him.

I might have kept the cheesecake in the oven a little too long.  It might be a little dry.  I think I'll have a sliver for breakfast just to make sure.  Maybe it wasn't dry but just needed more time in the fridge.  Only one way to find out.

Time for breakfast.

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