i had a patch of

dry skin on the top of my foot that showed up and stuck around for a few years and then one day just went away.  That was about 15 years ago.  Over the last year, it's started up again.  When I went to the doctor with a sinus infection in November, I asked her about it and she said it looks like it's psoriasis.  She prescribed an ointment and said to try that but if it doesn't work, I should call a dermatologist.  I went to Walgreens to fill the "give it a try" ointment.  $250.  I told them to forget it.  If it was a sure thing, I probably would have taken it but I wasn't about to spend that much for a maybe.  Let me just say this.  I don't really know how the whole system works because I don't use it.  I get an antibiotic when I'm sick but there's not a prescription I take regularly.  Here we are, months later, and I decided to call Walgreens to see if there was a deductible of some sort that might have been met after Eric was sick for a little over two months.  She said it was still $250 BUT this girl suggested I call the insurance company to see if there was something equivalent to my Rx that was on our plan and cheaper.  I don't know why nobody suggested that in November when I told them to keep it the first time.  I called and they did and the doctor called in a new $30 prescription.  That's better.

So I used it for a day or two and it works.  The only minor issue is I have some dry skin on my hand and the directions say not to keep it covered.  When I need to cook or spend a lot of time washing my hands, I wear a glove.  When there are those times I want to sit around but not get ointment all over the remote or my iPad, I needed a solution.  I made one.

The sock glove. 

I found a matchless sock in my drawer, rewashed it (with bleach because I'm a germaphobe) and cut it.  It's still pretty loose so it's not like keeping it covered with a rubber glove all the time but I can function without getting anything on everything I touch.  I kind of feel like I'm bringing back something from the 80's.

I'm pretty sure the sock glove won't be as big of a hit though.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Now I'm off to Ancestry.com.  I contacted a DNA match and she got back with me, giving me a name that might send me in the right direction.  It's nothing like any of the names on my list but the WI town is the same and her link is also a Norwegian.  Then again, a Norwegian back then in WI might be like finding someone who owns a horse in Texas.  There are quite a few.  So that's where I'm headed, off to search. 

I'm sure I'll need a Coke break (with ibuprofen) soon.

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