i just logged on and there

was a post that was written and never posted.  That's how busy I am.  I'm so busy I can't click "publish".  I deleted it because it's probably all old news now.

I went to Aldi today.  One of the first things I saw when I walked in were boxes of these things.

I guess you can tell I bought a box since it's on my counter.  Anyway, when I saw them, I thought of all the cream I have left over from cream horns I made yesterday.  While I do like the puff pastry, I didn't feel like making more cones and logs so waffle cookies are having a shot.

The cream has been in the refrigerator so it was kind of hard but I had to try it out ASAP.  The cream can either be put on like a chip with dip.

Or they can be turned into sandwiches... which would be easier if the cream had been softer.

The verdict:  meh...

The cookie doesn't have much flavor.  The cream is so sweet it really needs more to balance it out than just a flavorless cookie that's a step or two up from cardboard.  Now I see why people take the time for the pastries.  It would have been was better just eating it off the spoon.  Now I'm stuck with a bunch of waffle cookies.

Oh well, worse things have happened.

While I'm typing this, I see a portion of the picture above.  I feel like a reptile is watching me.

I'm signing off now.  I'm tired of my reptile hand staring at me.  Besides, I've got a bag of cream horn filling to OD on.

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