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to share or much time to write anything but I have a question.  Why is it that dogs can be so smart but they use that smart for being up to no good?  We'll take Maggie, for example.  The dog wears a collar for the wire fence.  They are supposed to wear those collars until they are trained to know not to get close to the fence.  Not Maggie.  First of all, if she wants something bad enough, she ignores the collar and gets whatever she wants.  When she's being less stubborn and following the rules, it's fine... until she figures out the battery is dead in her collar and then she rips the wire to destroy the connection.  When I replaced the battery on her collar this morning, I also had to repair the wire.  It wasn't that difficult of a fix this morning, unlike those times she has just somehow taken the zapper box off the collar and ditched it in the yard, leaving me to search the entire yard for a little black box.  (That box is now glued to the collar with E6000 and she's only gotten it off once since then.  The second time I used more glue.)  She's not bad but she can definitely make you shake your head.

Now it's time for me to lock them up since I have to run to the store and the people might show up to do the yard today.  All of a sudden the weed eater is the bad guy and she just wants to destroy it.  It's too bad she can't channel all of that into something positive, like going around the yard and picking up toys and sticks they've left behind.  Is that too much to ask?

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