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I came down with something that I thought was strep but I tested negative for strep.  I got two shots on Sunday (one steroid for the swelling and I can't tell you what the other was for because I was miserable and out of it).  Anyway, they told me I'd feel better by yesterday and I did.  I woke up and knew I needed to wash my hair and all the germs off of me.  That also meant I needed to strip down the bed so I could spray and wash everything.  I started the mattress pad washing and got in the shower.  When that shower was done, I just wanted to get back in bed.  There I was, piled up on the floor with all the bedding in their piles to be washed while I had a clean blanket for my nap.  I eventually got enough washed for us to sleep last night but the bedspread is in the dryer right now.

I haven't run fever but I still have white spots in my throat.  I just knew it had to be strep.  As many times as I've had strep and know the symptoms... Oh well, at least the shots helped.  The fever was bad.  I took ibuprofen every four hours and it kept coming back.  Whatever they gave me knocked that out too.  It might've been an antibiotic of some kind.  I'm pretty sure the doctor said something about my results being negative but he didn't want me to have to make another trip because it hasn't gone away.  I think.  It's all a haze.  I went to a new place here in town, AngletonER.  I don't know the difference between urgent care or a stand-alone ER but that's where I went.  I hope I don't ever have to go back but I would recommend them to anyone and I'd definitely go back if needed.  They were nice, fast and they fixed my problem.  I guess I'll wait until I get the bill though before I carry on anymore.

I haven't had any desire for Coke.  That's a true sign that I'm not good.  Well, that and I haven't been hungry either.  I just made myself half a sandwich and was only able to eat about half before I'd had enough.  This Coke I opened is a different story.  It's awesome.  I've been drinking nothing but Gatorade and really wanted something different.  I've seen people slam their fists on tables when drinking or eating certain things and that's me with this Coke.  Boy, does it burn my throat but dang that stuff is good.

I guess it's back to the bedroom for more rest between laundry cycles.

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