cosme really enjoys

tennis.  He plays or practices a lot and likes to try new things to work on his technique.  The other day he was trying something new that could apparently be done in the house.  He got his basket and racket and who knows what he was doing because I was lying in bed playing cards and started hearing a certain noise every minute or two.  I asked what it was and he said he was trying something.  I told him to be careful and not to break anything.  (Isn't that rule number one as a kid?  No playing ball in the house?)  I kept hearing the noise and then the noise sounded a little off. 

Me: What did you do?
Cosme: Nothing.

(No steady thumps coming from the other room.)

Me: I'm the mother of a boy.  I know you did something.  What did you do and what are you inspecting for damages?

Cosme walked into the room laughing after that because he was busted.

He was more concerned about his racket and I was more concerned about the built-in.  In the end, there were no damages, I think. 

Speaking of practicing and trying new things, I thought for a second about going to the wildlife refuge yesterday but decided to keep on with my chores.  Then I thought about doing it again today but I need to be home fairly early.  It's not that I want to try anything new or that there's anything in particular I want to practice, I just felt like going to see if I see anything.  I don't know, maybe I'll still head out there and and maybe make an hour out of it.  Ugh, but then I'll have to stop and get gas.  I guess it can be on the way though.  Maybe I'll do it.

I guess I'll go make my bed and get dressed just in case I'm still in the mood when the sun comes up.  I could also go check the weather report and make sure it's not going to be raining.  Now that I think about it, there's been a lot of rain lately so maybe I should check the website for the status of the lakes out there.  All that water makes me a little nervous. 

Oh, screw it.  I'm going. 

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