i went to kroger on

Friday and a lady was handing out free samples of Beneful.

The cashier also gave me a bag so I came home with two decent sized dog food samples.

Later that evening I let the dogs out for a bathroom break.  I used one of the samples to lure them outside and gave them extra time for running around along with the bathroom.  I woke up Saturday to the sounds of scratching in the cage and Archer whining.  I hurried to the living room so he could go out for the bathroom and I smelled it.  The gagging followed.  You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up to dog diarrhea.

Cosme got the cage outside and I was left to the gagging cleaning while he got ready for work.  I got the inside mess cleaned up with a little help from Scentsy and a scarf.  Then I remembered that Antonio was coming to mow.  Mowing means I have to lock the dogs up in the cage.  Well, I couldn't lock the dogs up until the cage was cleaned and the dogs couldn't come back inside to the cage until they were cleaned.  I managed to get the cage and patio cleaned off (and Maggie eventually figured out she wasn't helping and decided to get out of the way)

but then I decided to take a break and bake a chocolate sheet cake.  I stuck the pan in the oven and heard the weed eater.  I couldn't get the dogs in the cage so all I could do was get the leashes and stand outside and hold them.

"I think I hear it over there!"
Side note: I'm pretty sure that's only mud on Archer.  At least that's what I told myself.

"Wait, maybe it's over here!"
A few minutes later I remembered the cake that only bakes for 20 minutes that also has to have the frosting poured on while hot.  At least I had the dogs on the leash at this point so I was able to get them to the cage and then just had to wrestle them in.

You know there was a struggle when one of the leashes unclips and comes off in the process.
After that it was okay for a while.  The timer went off, the cake was frosted, Cosme came home, we both washed the dogs, I rewashed the cage liner and that was that.  A little later we gave Lucille a partial bath... that went as expected.

Now everything is back to normal, except for the fact that I'm a little sore when I chew on one side of my mouth.  I think it might be one of my crowns but then I'm hoping it's sinuses and will go away as I continue with Flonase.  I REALLY hope it's sinuses.  I mean like REALLY, REALLY hope it's sinuses.  Not only do I not need any dental issues right now, I don't WANT any dental issues... ever.

I guess I'll go fold laundry and worry about my teeth for a while.

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