i ended up making that

quick trip to the wildlife refuge yesterday.  I didn't see much but I'll show you what there was.

There was this guy on his morning swim.

And then there was this guy.  Blurry, I know.

And while I couldn't focus very well since I was fighting off a butt load of mosquitoes, there's another blurry shot of this guy's bath time.

There were lots of bubbles and ripples coming out of the water and I was hoping to see an alligator emerge but the best I got were those guys flying through the sky.

This guy was just standing there thinking.

And since I had to keep the windows up and the air was on, my lens was a little foggy by the time I was exiting but this guy was sitting on the sign so I got a hazy picture of him too.

Then he did like me and left.  I can't tell you what any of these birds are, I just like to take pictures of them.  Next time I'll take my little mosquito repellent gadget and try to do better.

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