i think i might

be back on regular time.  I'm not really having any problems getting up and wanting to stay in bed, well, once I'm out of it and moving.  The house is back in order and the laundry is all caught up.  It took a few days but I think I'm there.  I've even felt like cooking, except for last night when we tried Brewingz for the first time. Luckily we didn't eat there because they have Pepsi products and beer.  I wanted to like it because the people working were really nice but it just didn't do much for us.  I ended up making a plate of nachos later on since not finishing a kids plate tends to leave an empty spot.  We did top it all off with pecan pie though.

I had another crust in the refrigerator that needed to be used after making a peach cobbler the other day.  Pecan pie has been sounding good so I made one.  It didn't seem to taste the same as it usually does but maybe that's because it was still a little warm.  I plan to send some home with Mom today.

Speaking of my sweet tooth, I don't always want French toast but when I do, it's probably because I have tons of bread and eggs leftover from the beach and then I end up having it two days in a row.

I went to the beach with one loaf of bread and came home with three.  Then there was the loaf I already had waiting for me when we got back.  I went to the beach with two dozen eggs for a recipe Lauren was making.  I came home with one of my dozens plus a dozen Mom took out there.  Oh, there are also the four dozen I already had in the refrigerator that I bought before the beach because they were on sale.  Maybe I should've made a quiche with that pie crust.  I guess I know whats for breakfast this weekend.  Maybe some deviled eggs will be good for July 4th.  The dogs might need some scrambled eggs this morning now that I'm thinking about it.  Those all sound like egg-cellent ideas.

I watched a show last night that I think was called Long Lost Family.  There wasn't anything else on.  Cosme was watching videos on his iPad so I left it on the show.  It's a series and this episode had a woman looking for a son she'd put up for adoption and then another lady looking for the mother who'd put her up for adoption as well as the daughter she'd put up for adoption.  Basically, it was a bunch of crying in between commercials.  Yeah, I get it.  The people were really emotional but that's not why I was laughing so hard.  I was laughing because the show was almost nothing but people crying.  Cosme was watching his videos but he was also halfway listening to the tv.  I didn't start laughing and thinking about all the crying until he commented on it.  Then I couldn't stop and every time someone started crying, I couldn't help but laugh.  I'm a little off like that.  I will either cry along with you or you'll make me feel awkward and I'll laugh.  So, in the middle of all these people crying, the way they found the lady's birth mother was that they had each submitted the Ancestry.com DNA sample.  Then I was just getting irritated because I'm pretty sure Ancestry.com processed those samples with a little urgency and the women weren't sitting with an email for TEN days with a status of "ARRIVED".  Whatever.

I think I'll go check for an update.

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