the animals are happy

that we're back from the beach.  Here are a few pictures, some not being the best quality because of the lighting and zooming.
No biggie, just a shot of the living room

 And Archer watching me while using Maggie as a pillow.

Lucille taking cover as usual.


Archer using Maggie as a leg rest.  By the way, he was totally fine and stretched out (with his leg on her) and when I looked at him, he adjusted his head to the side of the cage.  Looking for sympathy to be let out?  Possibly.

Lucille taking cover once again.

Strat monitoring the kitchen.

The dogs showing me they are not ready to go outside and want to stay in the cage.  Guess where they are right now?

Speaking of mutts, got my spit sample.  I know they told me it'll take 6-8 weeks and I'll get an email with any news but I can't help but check the website every day... several times a day.  I'm anxious.

I really don't know why I'm so anxious since most of my family's general history is known.  After researching and reading over what other people have come up with, I have come to a conclusion or two.  I think the majority of my stuff will be from England, next up is Scandinavian, there will be a small amount of German heritage from my paternal great-great-grandfather? (is that how that's worded?) 2 times great-grandfather? And then I think there might be less than 1% Native American.  Without having to show off too much with my lackluster math skills, if I were to break it down and bet on it, I'd say my stuff will come like so:

70% Scandinavian
25% English
 5% German

99% English
1% Native American

Whatever those come out to together is what I'm betting on for myself.  Also, when I say English, that means the UK.  I do know part of the maternal English is out of Wales.  Besides, I've never seen any English care when referring to all Americans as yankees... (GASP)

I think it's time for me to check the Ancestry site again.

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