i ended up taking my cleaner

out to the back porch yesterday and seeing how it worked.  I finished most of the porch but stopped because I didn't want a muddy mess and the end I skipped is the end where the dogs have holes and dirt.

This is what I bought. 

I kept it in the Lowe's bag because it's leaking or something.

I didn't take any before pictures but here's one of during, after I had the right third sprayed and scrubbed with Archer helping.

And after I rinsed it off.  Oh, and when I say "scrub", I wasn't on my hands and knees like Cinderella.  I have a long handled scrubber that I think Papaw used to wash his suburban.

Here's a little corner by the door before I sprayed it down but used a little foam from the brush to scrub.

And here's a little later after it had some time to dry.

Honestly, I think the scrub brush and water might have been enough to clean off the dirt.  All that's left now seems like stains, maybe, I don't know.  That bigger spot in front of the door is where they eat so yeah...  I could probably do it again and leave the cleaner on a little longer.  And maybe if someone else were doing it there'd be a little more strength in the scrubbing. I do know that it knocked the smell out and that was my main goal.

Speaking of outside stuff.  Look back at this post HERE and see how the bag worms were taking over my Indian Hawthorns out front.

This is them now.

I think they're looking better after the exterminator sprayed.  I haven't seen any on the topiary since then.

My yew on the other hand...

 I don't know what's going on here.  I don't see any worms.  Maybe it's from not enough water?  Maybe it's from too much water at once from all the rain?  I don't have a clue.  I guess I'll wait and see.  It didn't cost as much as the topiary that's doing better so at least there's that.

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