i know it's been about a

week since my last post but today's post will make up for the days I missed.  I have pictures to share like you wouldn't believe.  I have pictures to share like you probably don't care to see.

A while back I saw something on "pour painting" or "fluid painting".  Pour, fluid, flow, whatever they want to call it, I heard about it.  I've been researching it.  Someone shared a video and that pushed me a little more in the "try it" direction.  Over the weekend I mentioned it to someone and she had all the supplies for me to try it right there.  That wasn't a push in the "try it" direction, that was a shove in that direction.  Or maybe a shove in that direction and slam the door behind me?  I'm sure it's much like getting somebody hooked on crack (or Blue Bell Bride's Cake ice cream).  "Here, let me give you a sample.  What?  Now you're hooked?"

So I've been reading up and watching videos on different formulas and techniques.  I finally gave in and did it.

My first try.  I like how the top right kind of looks like a planet and that's about it.  I scraped it all off and set that canvas aside.

My next canvas looked more like a countertop.

While it had little interesting areas like this one

or what might have eventually happened here

I wasn't happy and decided to take more paint and splatter it.  I'll call this the Pollock Pour, unless it already has a name... which I'm sure it does.

Then I decided to do one in the colors of Lauren's dishes.  First of all, it's a pretty color combo.  Second, if it turned out nice, she could hang it in her new house.  I was liking it.

Then the paint wouldn't flow much more and had issues covering the canvas.

It did make a pretty mess on my hand though.

The overflow in the pan wasn't bad either.

I grabbed another canvas that had a previous experiment on it and poured this.

I was kind of digging it so I left it.  I really like the little unexpected spots like this one.

I figured at that point I had a few practices out of the way so I'd go for something bigger.  I pulled a canvas off the wall and changed things up a bit.  Instead of using the one cup to pour, I prepped three.  I covered the area I wanted protected with masking tape and stared at the whole situation for a few minutes.  I decided it was time to go big or go home.  I went big.  16x20, I believe.

I was happy with the pour.  (Ignore the masking tape)

These little areas make me happy.

 In all the years I spent studying art, I think this was the first time I'd worn an apron for it.  It is messy but messy art is a good thing.  And in case someone doesn't understand why I tore the carpet out of that room and refuse to put something else down...

All this talk has made me want to try some more.  Maybe a new experiment?  Maybe keep working to get the other right?  Maybe this time write down what was used where?  Maybe buy some bigger canvases?  I'll fold some clothes and think about it.

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