can you tell I was

spending some time with Archer?

A few days ago I was out petting him because I think he's been needing a little extra attention lately, more one-on-one time without Maggie.  I don't know for sure but I took a hint when I let them out in the mornings and instead of running out with her, he hangs back so I can pet and talk to him... several times.  Face it, Maggie likes ALL the attention and Archer just takes what he can get.  Anyway, Maggie was preoccupied so Archer and I were under one of the trees and I was scratching him.  Maggie would come over for a few seconds every so often to remind us that she was still there and that she gets attention too.  I'm not sure how long this had been going on but I decided we'd been chilling long enough and I decided to get rowdy.  Now I have scratches and bruises on my arms and a few bruises on my legs.  Oh well, that just shows he was having a good time.

I don't like to get political on here or social media.  I tried to live by the whole "what goes around comes around" thing but so far it hasn't worked.  I can keep my mouth shut as much as I want on social media but other people's opinions are still flung my way.  Oh well, now it's less of treating others how I'd like to be treated but more of "I'll just keep my mouth shut because I don't want to be one of those people".  BUT... I'm going to take a moment right now to mention a couple of things.

A republican congressman was targeted yesterday for being a republican and shot.  (Because it's all about peace, love and harmony like that)  Now, there hasn't been one anti gun comment on fb, NOT THAT THERE SHOULD BE.  I'm just saying it's funny how certain people get shot and guns need to be banned while people on the opposing side get shot and nothing.

**just to be clear, I am PRO gun.  My NRA membership might be current, I support the Second Amendment, we have guns in this house and we will use guns in this house if necessary.

One other thing.  I went to Kohl's yesterday and had a coupon.

I didn't use it because the coupon was a Fathers Day coupon and was limited to men's items, according to the details on the back.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  In this day and age of 58 genders, who's to say my women's flip flops weren't for a father?  I wasn't going to try to use the coupon because I'm not about causing a scene and making waves.  I think your gender is male or female.  It doesn't matter how you feel deep down but how you look on the outside.  Now whether you are a male wanting to be a female or female wanting to be a male, do what you want.  I DON'T CARE, I honestly don't.  I'm just saying that I'm surprised there hasn't been a stink about this.  Maybe Kohl's isn't cool enough for people to notice?  I'm sure if it was some hip and trendy shop needing to keep up with the cool kids, it wouldn't even say "Father's Day" on the front.  There'd be some alternative... HAPPY HOLIDAYS?

Now I'm going to start my baking before I get myself worked up over unnecessary things.  Maybe a quick trip to the PO to drop off my DNA spit sample will be good.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

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