i have a lot I need to get done

or at least a lot I'd like to get done.  The back patio really needs cleaning.  I'm talking about a good scrub down.  It smells like stinky dog right now.  I don't really know if it's a good time to clean the patio because it's been raining lately.  That means the soapy water will sit around in puddles and since my dogs prefer muddy puddle water over a bowl of fresh water, I'm a little stumped on what to do.  Last I checked the things I clean the patio with aren't ideal products for drinking.  Unless, does anybody know if they've changed the ingredients in Mr Clean?  If I do clean the patio, it means the dogs will need to be locked up for most of the day or until the soapy water dries up or evaporates.  Maybe I should wait until it gets a little hotter.  Or, I could probably start by bathing the dogs and getting rid of the stinky dog smell.  Although, I prefer the smell of a dog stinking because they've been outside over the smell of a wet dog.  You know, I do really like the smell of dog shampoo so maybe I could just get a bottle of dog shampoo instead of Dawn dish liquid.  That would require going to the store, which is another thing I really NEED to do.  If I start getting dirty outside I won't go to the store because I do my errands early... especially now that school's out and kids are everywhere.  I think I just solved my problem.  Looks like grocery shopping is today and patio scrubbing is tomorrow.

In the meantime, I didn't eat a decent breakfast and I'm paying for it.  I had some bacon around 5:30 this morning and I just had a tortilla with cheese on it.  I'm ready for lunch, or even those peanut butter cookies I'm planning on baking today.  I'm going to make a few with Kisses and a few without.

Speaking of food and how hungry I am, a couple of days ago I made spaghetti for dinner with a side of skillet focaccia.  There's still a few pieces of the focaccia left so maybe I can have leftovers for an early lunch.

I also have leftovers from last night's chicken fried steak.  I made gravy for rice and opened a can of peas.  I could probably just have rice and gravy for lunch.  Sometimes all I really need is the rice and gravy.  This is one of those times.

This post is ruining me.  Now that I've decided the patio will wait and I will definitely go to the store today, I need to go to the store before I have rice and gravy as a late breakfast and then spaghetti for an early lunch.  I'll do the patio tomorrow after a good breakfast... not that there's anything wrong with spaghetti or chicken fried steak for breakfast, I've done both.  But, I did find a pet friendly patio cleaner on a search I just did so I think I'll go hunt some down.

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