over the weekend I had

Lucille wrapped up in a blanket while we were watching tv. 

Then a commercial came on and she looked like she could be an ultra hip DJ in da kitty club.


Scratching is her specialty.

We picked up Popeye's for dinner last night.  Cosme had a po-boy but I tried some new chicken they have, Sweet & Crunchy.  It was different.  It was sweet and crunchy.  While they serve it with a packet of smoky pepper jam sauce or something, I don't know.  It tasted like chicken and waffles so smoky pepper sauce wouldn't have been my first choice to go with chicken and waffles.  You know what would have though?


I thought about writing Popeye's and making a suggestion.

While this chicken definitely isn't something I'd want all the time, it was fine last night for dinner. 

I think I'll go for a walk before it gets too hot.  I'm sure a mile walk will make me ready for the beach, right?

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