last week was

beach week and I'm still on island time.  I'm worn out.  Everything is unpacked for the most part but there are still those little things here and there.  Oh, there's also sand that seems to keep popping up in places.  Really though, I just want to stay in bed and I have zero motivation to get up and do anything.  I'm dragging.

The beach was fun though and I can't wait for next year.  I got some sun, got lots of rest, got to visit but didn't get many pictures.  I didn't even take my camera.  I did have my phone so was able to get a few sunrises along with a picture of this guy on this thing.

 I felt like a dork at first, snapping all the pics with my phone thinking that it probably seems like I don't get out much.  Then I stopped to see everyone else staring and getting pics.

Looks like I'm not the only dork who doesn't get out much.

A few days later we had the threat of a tropical storm.  Luckily for us, it hit around the Texas/Louisiana border.  The tide was so high and the storm clouds in the distance were pretty so I got a picture of that.

Looking off towards the east.

The tide was really high for a couple of days.  The road and our regular sitting spots weren't available.

One of the neighbors decided to sit in the dunes.  I almost stopped to tell her she should probably rethink that or at least pay attention to her surroundings and not that book.  Or maybe she's a snake whisperer and doesn't care.

We only got a little rain but it wasn't enough to bother us any.

Is it time to go back yet?

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