when we left

Academy the other day, I noticed a reflexology place in the shopping strip.  I was sitting here yesterday and decided I'd give them a call.  I've only gone for reflexology once but I noticed a couple of things that told me it worked.  So yesterday I made an appointment and went, hoping it would only help with all this sinus stuff going on.  There were other people there getting massages but I was the only one there for the foot stuff.  She got me settled in my chair and left me to go get a tub of water.  I was ready for a nap at that point.

Hiding my jeans but I wasn't sure why.

Only one here.
So while she had my feet soaking in hot water, she massaged my head, neck, shoulders and arms.  This is hard for me because while it does feel nice, I have a hard time relaxing.  First of all, it's too quiet.  Sure they have the soft spa music playing but I don't do public quietness well... at all.  Quiet makes me laugh.  When I get facials in a similar atmosphere, I don't fall asleep like most people, we talk to each other.  I was trying to focus on other things like "RELAX, MELANIE, MOST PEOPLE FALL ASLEEP", "What's that smell? Is that someone's lunch?", "Dad should really try this in China", "What are they saying to each other? Are they wondering if I'm asleep? I'll scratch my nose and wiggle my fingers just to show them I'm not", "Is someone going through my purse while they have this towel over my eyes?", "RELAX"...  I just tried to keep my brain focused on anything but the quietness and the second problem: someone was touching me.  I don't do touching well either.  All these thoughts were also having to distract me from thinking about someone touching me.  When I left they told me I should come back for a combo with a full body massage.  Nope.  Unless they can do it with my jeans pulled up to my knees and a short sleeve shirt on, I'm not doing it.  And honestly, even if they said they'd do it that way, there would definitely have to be a conversation going on.  Foot stuff is as daring as I get.  As awkward as it all was for me, my throat was a little sore last night from sinus drainage and I woke up this morning with no machine running in my ears.  While I did end up using the extra pillow last night, I'm pretty sure the foot stuff helped. 

Now that I don't hear any extra wind blowing or machines running, I'll go enjoy the extra quiet time and appreciate that it isn't a public quietness.

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