every so often

I wake up and my ear sounds clogged.  It doesn't feel clogged, it feels normal but the sound is a little off.  Does that make sense?  Sometimes your ears feel clogged like you need to pop them or something and that's not how this is.  You know how when you plug your ears up some sounds are amplified?  That's kind of how it is.  It's hard to explain.  Anyway, I did a search this morning on something like "when ears sound clogged" and here's what I came up with:

Done.  Zyrtec D taken at 5:18.

 So that's what people are doing.  I always wondered but it makes sense now, like a toilet plunger.

Okay but only if necessary and as long as nobody else is around.  And as for the second bullet point, I'd try it if I hadn't been sleeping on my left side all night and woke up this way.  Apparently that doesn't work because it's my left ear.

NO.  No. No. No. Definitely, NO.

So the Zyrtec was taken about 2 hours ago and while my ear might sound slightly less clogged, my nose is now running.  Maybe I'm getting somewhere.  The next step will be hopping on one foot with my head tilted.  Come on, Zyrtec...

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