first i'll give you

an update on yesterday's headache.  I think Jack in the Box tacos were definitely the missing link.  While it wasn't an instant cure, it got me going and before I knew it, I felt like my head was functioning at 100%... well, as 100% as my head is capable of functioning.  Bottom line, the headache went away.  Today I decided I was going to tackle it early on.  I went to bed with a Benadryl, woke up this morning and took a Zyrtec D, made myself eat some breakfast and while I'm not having my Coke yet, I'm having a Diet Dr Pepper so there's my caffeine fix.  I'm ready.  I started cleaning out the cat room/guest room yesterday and was putting Eric's stuff aside.  I sent him this picture but this is like me this morning, getting ready for any headache trying to sneak up on me.

I'm ready. 

While I woke up feeling brand new, the wifi wasn't.  I got on my AT&T app to troubleshoot...

You don't say...  A three second hold of the restart button and things are back to normal.  (Exactly what I needed yesterday.)

Now, about this latest thing I'm a little bit hooked on.  It's YouTube videos to motivate you to clean.  This is seriously a thing and as lame as it sounds and is, it works for me.  People post fast-motion videos of them cleaning and after a video, or sometimes two, I'm up and either starting laundry or doing dishes or whatever.  It's crazy but it works.  The one downside about watching these videos is that I've noticed that I must be a little OCD about making the bed.  I always kind of thought it in the back of my head but watching other people make their beds confirmed it.  I know Cosme has always given me looks, comments and laughs at the way my sheets must be even, tight and smooth but I figured it was just him.  Now I'm figuring out that it's me.  But you know what?  So what if my pillows must be going the same direction, at the same height and angle and in place, I like it that way.  And in the last year or so I may or may not have considered following in my grandmother's footsteps and ironing the pillowcases.  (And to think that when I was a kid watching Dodo iron her pillow cases, I thought she was nuts.)  Talking about it has made me realize that I still haven't made the bed.  I guess I'm off to get it done... or maybe watch a video to get me going.  Actually, at the noises coming from the dogs, I think I'll have an extra chore this morning if I don't let them out.

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