here we are on

Tuesday and my ears are doing better.  I've still been waking up with them sounding a little like an air conditioner or a machine running but it has worn off after taking a decongestant in the morning.  I guess my teeth hurting might've been sinuses after all.  In the meantime, I'll probably end up on the DEA's list of watched people at the rate I'm buying the meds.  I know I'm using it for sinus stuff but when I have to show them my drivers license and go through the whole process, I can't help but think they might think I'm up to no good.  Tonight I'm going to sleep with an extra pillow to see if that helps. 

Honestly, that's about all I have going on.  I'm still thinking about what to do to the floors and what color pillows to put with my new bedspread but then again, that's nothing new.  I'm one of the best at thinking about what needs to be done next.  It's just the actual doing where I fall short. 

Oh well, here are a couple of pictures I took the other day at the tennis court.  (No, I'm not playing, just hanging out.)

And that museum exhibit I wanted to see over the weekend?  It was sold out Saturday and Sunday so we decided to go Friday.  When I went to buy the tickets on Friday after having a better idea of what time we would be able to make it, those were sold out too.  Maybe this weekend... or the next...

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