i'm ready for another post

after crashing hard last night.  Wow.  I was tired yesterday.  I decided I'd get out this morning and pressure wash some of the brick where it was dirty but that turned into also cleaning part of the driveway.  About an hour later I was ready to come inside and suffer from heat stroke.  It's hot outside.  I checked my phone afterwards and saw that the temp was only 88 and the humidity was a mere 72% but the "feels like" was 101 degrees.  It's times like that where a pool would come in handy.

Day before yesterday I made Jeannine's bread pudding recipe and finally got around to taking this pic to put with the recipe.

I already had the recipe started and then wondered if we had any whiskey.  Oops.  I mean it's normally something we have on hand but Eric did just move out and I'm not sure what all he took.

Plenty, and then some. 

I swear.  The sauce that goes along with it is awesome.  I could stand there and slurp down spoonfuls... and I have.  I just had an idea.  I already thought it'd be awesome on ice cream but how about on ice cream and sprinkle either toasted or praline pecans over that?  Blue Bell Buttered Pecan ice cream with the whiskey sauce.  OMG.  I'm doing it.  (In a few days because today I'm making a blueberry tart thing.)

I also grilled rib eyes the other day.  I picked some up because they were on sale.  I never buy the bone-in but that's what it was so that's what I got.  They were huge.

No bandages came into contact with the food in the making of this meal.
Need an extra plate, anyone? 

Now that I've gone through all these pictures of food while sitting here eating lunch, I'm double stuffed.  How am I supposed to think about what's for dinner?  I guess I'll go fold clothes and let it all settle. 

Tomorrow I will fill you in on my proof that cats are jerks.

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