we've decided to

change out a few things around the house.  It'll be a slow process but I am determined.  We've been talking for a while about how sick of the tile we are.  Not necessarily tile, just this tile.  It's everywhere.  I explained it to the girl at the flooring store that it's like the tile truck backed into the driveway and threw up in the house.  And as with any good plan, I made a list.  It's not just a to-do list, but a list in the order I'd like these things done.  Our first project will be to change out the floor in the front bathroom.  One of the last things on the list is the entry way and kitchen.

I stopped by the flooring store the other day to get an idea of what's available and how much things are and I ended up coming home with two samples.  I had a sample for the bathroom and a sample for the entry way and kitchen (which will be the same). 

Bathroom sample.  We decided it's too busy.

Kitchen sample.  Of course we like it and it doesn't matter at this point because it's the last thing on the list.

I'm serious when I say I want all the tile replaced.  And also, everything will have dark grout.  Light grout will turn into dark grout in no time and it DOES NOT clean and turn light again. 

So anyway, that's what's going on in my head.  That and what kind of cookies I should bake.  I bought walnuts so I don't know if I should do chocolate chip and walnut or if I should do an oatmeal cookie, maybe with chocolate chips and walnuts.  Decisions, decisions. 

I'll think about it longer.  Maybe it'll help keep my mind off my mouth hurting.  It's a deep hurt so I'm guessing it's not a cavity.  That would be too simple.  I'm hoping it's sinuses and not something like a root canal in the making.  It's not constant and nothing really triggers it, like hot, cold or chewing.  It's not a sharp pain, just more of a dull ache.  Oh well, I guess it's time to get back on the Thieves toothpaste to prep myself for a dental appointment.  Yeah, that's how it usually goes for me.  This time I'll take care of it before Thanksgiving.  I hate having those temporary crowns on Thanksgiving.  It makes eating so stressful.

ps- I'm sick and tired of the tile in this house.

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