and then there are

those rare times I boil eggs and they all come out of the shells without any struggle.

So many times my boiled eggs look like something's been gnawing away at them.  It's not very pretty.

And then there are the times I realize there's an impromptu family reunion happening.

Just kidding.  They probably never met or laid eyes on the other.  I guess they could be cousins though.  If so, the older cousin smelled delicious and the little cousin tasted pretty good and looked awesome.  This was all for dinner the other night.  I had the weird urge to make that delicious salad I had in Colorado.  Then at assembly time, it didn't sound good at all.  I still have leftover chicken breast in the refrigerator.  sigh...

I was thinking about Strat the other day.  He's never been difficult but lately he's been moody and grouchy.  I'm sure some of it has to do with Eric being out of the house.  I mean the first night Eric was gone, Strat slept outside his bedroom practically leaning against the door.  It was pretty pathetic looking.  Then something else crossed my mind.  He's almost 9 years old.  He's not a senior but he's mature and 9 human years translates to early to mid-fifties in cat years.  So maybe just like they age "faster" than humans, he turns into a curmudgeon faster than humans.

On a more positive note, I found my earbuds and decided to start walking again.  This morning was my first and since the temp and humidity are HORRIBLE, I left the house before 6:30.  I only did a mile because I have stuff to do today but I also was speed walking (that has nothing to do with my health but only because other people were out for their morning walks and I was trying to get ahead and avoid everyone - mission accomplished).

Now I need to start laundry before conquering the important things for today, like getting a pedicure.

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