so like i was saying

cats are jerks.  I gave both of the cats baths on Tuesday.  Lucille hates every second of it.  It honestly sounds like she's saying "NO" the whole time.  Yes, that's all caps and bold for a reason...  Strat doesn't like it but once he takes his position in the sink, he looks like he's at the spa.  He's pretty chill for his bath.  Then there was Tuesday.  I did Lucille first because she's sometimes hard to catch.  That went fine.  Then I got Strat into the water.  He wasn't having it and bit me!  He BIT me!  Yes, the arse hole bit me and I'm not talking about the little nips he's done in the past.  I immediately told him he can bite or do whatever but I would win.  So he got a bath.  The bite was a first.  I ran it under the water.  There was a little blood but it stung more than anything.

I took a picture of it right after and sent it to Eric, just to show him what a jerk his cat can be.

Tuesday afternoon
I figured the bruise would fade out.  And it did.  I noticed while I was up at the church how hot and sore it was.  It faded out, swelled up, got really hot and formed a bump underneath.    None of that sounded like the wound was heading in the right direction.

Wednesday afternoon
Thursday it was still red and sore and that lump wasn't helping.  I thought about what I could do and remembered all the Young Living oils I have.  Thieves.  That's it.  I've read how Thieves kills germs and infections so I put some on.

It was about the same on Thursday.  Still sore but maybe not as red, maybe.

Thursday afternoon
That's when I started researching cat bites and how dangerous they are.  This really didn't sound like what I wanted to hear.  I told Cosme about the danger of cat bites and described all the symptoms of infection.  Yeah, yeah, this was far from looking infected but my plan was to nip this issue in the bud.  I came home and put more Thieves on.

Cosme and I were convinced to call a doctor this morning but I was determined to try extra oils just to see.  Here is the latest picture after Thursday's dose of Thieves and then another this morning.

Friday morning
I woke up this morning and it is barely noticeable.  The redness is almost gone, it hardly hurts and the lump is almost down to nothing.

I'm not saying I just cured a horribly infected cat bite, I'm just saying I could tell this was not going to end well if it kept going the way it was.  The bite itself didn't look gross (yet) but the skin around it was way too red, puffy and hot for my liking.  So I guess this can go down in history as the week I used Thieves oil to prevent Cat Scratch Fever.  (Which, fever is one of the infection symptoms and while I didn't have fever, I woke up yesterday not feeling 100% and it lasted all day... just saying)

 Now, any cats need bathing?

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