well hello

there.  Since my last post, nearly a week ago, we've done a lot.  We've had a birthday lunch, a couple's shower, there's been some floating, lots of cleaning, cat baths, a little more floating and TONS of laundry.

I have a few pictures from the shower but I think I'll put them up over on FB.  You know, so everyone can see.  I don't have pictures from floating, cat baths or laundry because, well, I don't.

You know how there are those games you play on whatever device you use and then every once in a while you go back to that game?  There's a game I play on my computer every so often and last night I was playing so I thought I'd share it.  I might have shared it before but it's been a while if I have so I'll tell you about it again.  It's called GeoGuessr.  I just do single player and usually either pick the world or the US.  It drops you somewhere with Google Maps.  You have to figure out where you are.  You can go down the road and venture out for clues but when you think you have it figured out, you click on the map where you think you are.  It tells you how far off you are, which determines the points you get.  I like it.  Two things I've realized are, there really are a LOT of Volvos around Sweden and I really have a hard time figuring out whether I'm in Africa or Australia.  Next time you have 5 minutes to kill, try it.  It can be addicting at times.

I will sign off for now.  I'm expecting the exterminator this morning and I should probably put my towels in the dryer too.  So instead of oohing and ahhing over a picture, take a few minutes and see if you can figure out where GeoGuessr drops you.

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