so this is what

it's come to.  I'm ordering orthopedic type pillows and Kermit and Miss Piggy are splitting up.  Which should we cover first?

The pillows.  My great-grandparent's car had a lumbar support pillow in it.  When I drove their car, I stuck that pillow behind me to check it out and I liked it.  We all know my back's been bothering me for about a year.  Well, we know I've been going to the chiropractor for my aching back for about a year.  I was looking through some catalog that I'm always giving Mom a hard time about.  Between naps and watching her work last week, I picked up one of the catalogs.  OMG.  I found a butt pillow that is supposed to help keep your spine in check.

I also found a 5-in-1 pillow that even stores a remote.  (By the way, I'm the WORST at keeping up with the remote, especially when just lying around in bed.)

But really, that top image of the foot rest?  Who's going to store their remote at their feet?  I never keep my remote at my feet.

Whatever, I bought both… in addition to a back heating pad thing that can be used hot or cold.  I don't know what's worse, the fact that I was giving her a hard time about the catalog or the fact that I ordered so many old people things.  Either way, I'm on their mailing list and I can sit in comfort while I look at the latest catalog.

Now about Kermit and Miss Piggy.  Last week their breakup was announced.  Yesterday at the chiropractor's office I saw this magazine.

That says it all.  The breakup is a publicity stunt they're doing to promote their new show.  That's so Hollywood, even for puppets.  You heard it here first.  You'll see it next in the tabloids.

I've been doing some thinking the last few days and it involves a personal photo challenge, nothing for Instagram and my iPhone, just me and my camera.  I wouldn't post it here but over on the website's blog.  I'd share the link here.  Anyway, it's something I've been thinking about.  We'll see.  The first step was made; I had the idea.  Next step, following through.  Easier said than done.

Speaking of easier said than done, chores.  They're not going to get done on their own so I guess that's the note on which I exit.

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