when i get busy and

there's a lot going on, it's so easy to fall into the habit of just getting take-out for dinner.  It's really hard to get out of that habit too.  Trust me.  It started with being busy and then when everything started to calm down, I told myself it's just too hot to cook.  Which really, it is.  Anyway, I've been trying to break the habit of eating out and thought yesterday would be the day but I failed 100%.  I take that back.  I had a bowl of cereal at one point and that's not eating out.  So there.  I only failed 90%.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and, with no special plans, bought a few random ingredients and figured I'd work with it.  Right now I have carne guisada simmering and will put a pie crust together soon for a blueberry tart.  Remember a while back I fell out of the blogging habit and declared my next 30 days of blogging (minus weekends) a few months ago?  Well look at me now.  I think I've been pretty consistent and it's almost as regular as it was a few years ago.  That said, I hope I can do the same thing with cooking.  I really like cooking and baking so we'll see if I can get out of this slump I'm in and get back into kitchen mode.  I honestly think a little rain would help.  I mean who really wants to get out in the rain to pick up food?  Maybe this week's forecast will keep my motivation up.
Now I just need to figure out what to do with the onions, pepper and mushrooms.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Pizza or quiche, maybe?

And guess what.  I already have a few ideas lined up for tomorrow and the next day.  I might can do this.  And to top it off, the sun just went behind the clouds.

Pie crust motivation: ACTIVATED

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