it hasn't rained here

in so long.  Even over the last few days, places all around us have gotten rain and we've had nothing.  Today's a different story.  Today we've got the works.  Lots of rain, lots of thunder and lots of lightning.
I think I hear the grass cheering and celebrating.
It's wonderful.  I didn't have to go out and water the grass this morning, moving the sprinkler every so often and getting wet in the process.  I've been trying my hardest to keep it from turning brown so this rain is more than welcome to keep flowing.  The only bad thing is I've got a lot to do today and don't feel like getting wet.  I need to go to Kroger, Walmart, get my oil changed, go to the vet… a lot.  Oh, I've also got laundry to do but with all the lightning, I'm scared to get the washer started.  So I guess I'll just sit here for now and enjoy the sights and sounds of all this.

Before I head off to try to get some of my stuff done I have one more thing to mention.



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