i almost ruined it

all.  Well, I was about to but Eric, who doesn't care for carne guisada, decided he was going out so I just had to cook for Cosme and me.  Considering I was still pretty full from my carne guisada at lunch, I only had to worry about Cosme.  Duh, no brainer.  He was going to have carne guisada while I had a bowl of cereal.  Breakdown avoided.

Last night I finally got around to making that Mongolian beef.  It's good and all but there's a reason I hate making Chinese food.  THE MESS.  It's HORRIBLE.  I have to do a cleanup halfway through, including a quick Swiffering of the floor.  Grease goes EVERYWHERE.  

Look at my stovetop!

And those knobs!  UGH.

The worst mess ever.  Anyway, after I cooked it was weird.  I had this burst of energy and felt like cleaning up the mess.

Here we are on Wednesday and I still plan on making dinner.  Tonight is Chicken Alfredo.  I just got home from Kroger but after seeing their signs for Blue Bell's return, I got distracted/excited and forgot to buy chicken.  Looks like I'm going back to the store.

In other news, Operation Declutter has started.  Yesterday I started on the cat/craft/should-be-guest room.  Today I'm taking a break.  I'll get there, I will.  I'm kind of determined.  And look where being kind of determined has gotten me with the whole take-out ban.  

The first step is admitting you have a goal… or something like that.  

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