i was so excited

yesterday.  There were updates and radar pics all over FB, letting us know of the showers headed this way.  I watched out the kitchen window, anxiously waiting for the rain.  I don't think I have ever been that excited about a nearing storm.  See for yourself.

And then it just blew over like any other rainless day.  That was such a let down.

It really was.

I went outback today to check on the pool.  Eric went outside to feed the dogs yesterday and came back in letting me know how bad Maggie smelled.  Since her main hobby is swimming, I kind of figured something might be up with the pool water.  So I went out there and checked.  It didn't seem bad.  I pulled a few leaves out, added some chlorine tablets and decided to back rinse the pump.  I headed over to the shed, dodging a few toys they had lying out in the yard.  On my way back, I realized one of those toys looked a little odd… I don't know, maybe like a fuzzy, deflated possum-shaped toy… with flies hovering.  UGH!!!  So yeah, it wasn't Maggie stinking up the back patio.  Eric disposed of the remnants and I went on with the back rinsing.  He was rinsing off the shovel and I asked why it was still stinking so bad.  Then I saw the mound of gray fur by the patio.  UGH!!!  I don't think it was another possum but just, I don't know… it just wasn't and I'll leave it at that.

I am sure of one thing though.  I'd like for Maggie to find a hobby that doesn't involve dead critters.

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