so i learned something new

yesterday.  First, Eric was changing my spark plugs but he needed the little star shaped tool to remove the cap thing.  Now, you know how some words can sound the same?  Well, I went to the parts store looking for a TORX SET.  I found one.  I found lots of TORX things.  Even, after making a second trip, the correct size in this brand.

POWER TORQUE.  I saw the word torque on my first trip.  Must be a torque set I was looking for.  That's obviously a torque wrench, which I know is a thing because I've heard of it before.  So I got home from the parts store and told Eric I have his torque wrench.

Eric:  Why did you buy a torque wrench?  I don't need a torque wrench.
Me:  Yeah, to take that cap off.  You know, that little star-shaped thing.
Eric:  That's not what that is.
Me:  Yes.  Look at my receipt.  Says so right here.

Eric:  That says "torx".  That's totally different from torque.  Show me what you bought.  (I show him.) That is a torx set.  Pulling up an image on his phone and explaining the usage of one, he shows me a torque wrench.

Yeah.  I definitely didn't buy a torque wrench.  But it did make for an interesting couple of minutes.  Anyway, the spark plugs got changed and now my car starts with no hesitation.  All is good for now.

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