i made a trip up to

Fort Worth this weekend to help Lauren and John where I could on getting into their house.  Cosme had to work on Saturday so I made a road trip of it and left on Friday.  I checked into my hotel with time to kill...
As much as I figured I would, I ended up not using my real camera at all.  I'm so disappointed in myself.
When Lauren got home from work I went over and we didn't really do much.  Saturday was really about cleaning while they also moved furniture in.  Oh, Homer and Heidi also made their debut.  It was funny to watch how differently they reacted.
Heidi, waiting on Lauren to come in with another load while Homer was hidden behind a toilet.
We also went by the reception venue that night where Lauren talked me into ordered a Breakfast Shot without me knowing.  It was actually good, as crazy as that sounds.  Anyway, we didn't stay too long but went to grab food and then it was back to the hotel for me.  The next morning I stopped by the house early so I could get started on my trip home.  (You know, I had to get some cupcakes Lauren was sending home with me.)

Somewhere on my route down 820 to 287, I wasn't paying attention and ended up on 20.  I kept going.  Then, somewhere on my route down 45, I realized I shouldn't be sweating that much and the cupcakes shouldn't be ruining.
Frosting, meet heat.
My a/c was cranked up on 6 (high) but was blowing like it was on 1.5-2.  That was not cool... literally.  I turned it off for a while then back on.  Nope.  The air was cold but just not strong so I guess it could've been worse.  But still, being so hot was making me feel miserable.  I was already hungry and tired (can't seem to wake up after 6:30).  I pulled into Houston and saw a line of cars - stopped.  I was pretty sure it was about to get worse.
45 North

I sat and rolled and sat and rolled for a while and finally picked up speed.  Guess what.  The air started blowing.

By the time I got home I was MORE than ready to be off the road.  I had been worried about the trip because let's face it, my car has seen better days.  It's old, has a lot of miles and is seriously on its way out.  All that worrying was about engine stuff so I guess even though the a/c wasn't blasting, it really could've been a lot worse.

Anyway, today... Today I woke up with a major sinus headache on top of a not-enough-sleep headache.  I went back to sleep after Cosme left (which I RARELY do) but set my alarm for 7:00 so I wouldn't sleep the whole day by.  My head was still throbbing.  Two nasal decongestants and a few bites of Shipley later, I'm starting to feel hopeful.  Not 100% but hopeful.  Now to try and conquer the day while nasal decongestants are in full swing.

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