here we are

already in September.  I guess my busy schedule has kept me away a few days longer than expected.  Eric and Paige are going to a convention this weekend and that convention needs costumes.  I've been pretending like I know what I'm doing and trying to put costumes together by Friday.  Saturday they're going as The Joker and Harley Quinn.  Here's most of his Joker costume.
 Just don't look too close.  I probably could've done a better job if I hadn't waited until the last minute but considering the last time I made a vest was 1985 in Home Economics and my "refresher course" was a handful of YouTube videos, I'd say it's okay.

Today I need to finish hemming his pants and finish a vest for Sunday's costume.  Tomorrow we'll do a test run with the Joker's face paint.  It's been busy.  In the meantime, Gabi couldn't come last week because I had a stomach bug just about all week so right now her absence is much noticed.  I also need to take a little time out of sewing for cleaning.

In the next few days I'll get around to talking about Cosme and me taking a quick trip to Fredericksburg last weekend.

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It was back in area stores on Monday.  I was at Kroger first thing Monday morning getting a tub of Homemade Vanilla and a tub of Cookies n Cream, which I rarely buy.  This was lunch yesterday.  I had to have a scoop.  And it looks so good, I think I need one today too.  As in right now.

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