i've told several people

and I might've mentioned here before but I don't think I've ever told Cosme... not until the other day.  But I finally told him that yes, sometimes I want to leave and move back to the city.

This was taken with my birthday present.

I haven't told him because I knew he'd love to jump on it.  But I have told him that sometimes I think about it and I've even looked up houses online.  It's been like this a lot over the last few years.  Even though I grew up in the city, I spent a lot of time down here in these small towns.  When I was a kid, it was neat and I loved it.  Everybody and everything was so close by.  Sure, there was more to it than that but I guess a lot has changed over the years.  Or maybe nothing's changed except for me.  Oh crap, now this post is starting to sound all deep and thought provoking.  Not really.  Maybe a small town isn't the best place for somebody who likes their space and keeping to themselves.  (On the other hand, what kind of a place is a blog for someone who likes keeping to themselves?  Totally different.)  Or maybe seeing what everybody's up to via social media is good enough for me and the small town makes it almost too much.  Either way, it's just one of those things.  I really don't want to leave and there are a lot of reasons: no traffic, quick and easy trips around town and even to the next town, lower crime rate (knock on wood), fairly quiet, more for your money... I could go on.

For now though, I think we'll stick to the small town and I'll just use this blog to vent, reflect and have revelations.  (Too much?  Yeah, I thought so.)

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