every so often i

decide to make quiche.  I buy the spinach, let it thaw, never get around to making the quiche and throw the spinach out.  That happens several times until I either get tired of the routine and realize I'm not going to get it done or I give in and make the quiche.  This last time I only had to throw away 2 past-their-prime packages of spinach.  Also, I figured I'd use a frozen pie crust.  You know, to make things easier and maybe adding a little more motivation to the mission.  So, I was trying a new recipe, one I found on Pinterest.  Cheesy Bacon Spinach Quiche.  Well, I tried to follow the recipe as closely as possible.  Unlike the pie crusts I normally make, those frozen ones weren't deep dish.  So guess what.  I didn't have enough room for all the ingredients.  I eyeballed it to balance it all out (but definitely using the full amount of bacon... duh).  And just like that, all the hopes I had of my frozen pie crust saving me a few steps vanished.
One of my favorite messes to clean.  Baked-on egg.
 Ugh.  On the plus side, once I made a huge mess and spilled so much getting this thing into the oven, there was enough room to add the rest of the egg.  Yea, me.

I was happy with how it turned out so I'll keep it in the books.

I was going to make muffins to go along with the quiche but found this recipe on Pinterest and decided on it instead.  Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Cake.  We liked it too.
Mine didn't look quite like the picture on the original blog but I wondered if it was because mine had already cooled down a bit at this point.  Either way, it's cinnamon and sugar with icing.
That's the only picture I got because I was hungry and wanted to hurry and eat.  Afterwards, I was stuffed and didn't want to see any of it.  Right now though, I wouldn't mind having a bite of each.

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