it's early

I mean REALLY early.  It's 4:20 in the morning.  Normally our alarm clock goes off in 10 minutes but since Cosme's out of town, it won't.  Also, I've been up since about 1:30.  I'll probably have a nap in a few hours (which I HATE doing)... you know, when the sun's up and blasting through my bedroom windows.  Makes sense.  Since 1:30 I've read some, finished a movie, started another movie but turned it off to read a little more then I decided to set up my tripod on the driveway after letting Eric know I was going to be up and about and to not shoot.  Now I'm sitting here drinking a Coke, listening to music and typing.  Isn't that what everybody does at this hour? 

It was frustrating outside.  It's SO humid.  The lens was foggy, my hair was getting bigger by the second while falling out of the clip and I was doing everything possible to keep the dogs from barking (which I successfully pulled off).  On the other hand, I saw a shooting star or something (which I managed to miss by a few seconds with my camera), heard a car alarm go off in the back of the neighborhood, was being watched by what I hope was just a cat and last but not least, decided the car swerving down our street was only delivering papers and a 911 call wasn't necessary. 

I know one thing for sure though.  My neighbors should be more considerate and watch for me at odd hours in case I need them to turn off their outside lights.
Nice garage lights you have there, neighbor.
Here's one of the pictures from playing around on the driveway at 3:30.

Other than that, it's just early.  I'm tempted to drive to Shipley and pick up a donut but I'm scared it's too early and instead of giving me a hot, fresh one, I'd get some cold substitute left over from yesterday's last batch.  Ugh... the crisis of trying to figure it all out.

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