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I spent Saturday night searching where we could find something sweet and apple filled in this German town.  We had talked about the airport diner, which we heard had a great breakfast (and awesome milkshake) but no.  I'm sorry.  Once the apple-filled thought popped into my head, it wasn't going away.  So I searched and there it was.  Old German Bakery and Restaurant.  It was a plan.

But first I needed to go back to Luckenback.  We got there right before 9:00, just as the store was opening.
Cosme talked to the lady working the store about the history of the town while I shopped.
Sunday morning, way too early for Leon Russell's show.
 So yeah.  We walked around, shopped a little, learned a little and then headed off for breakfast.

I knew I'd found us the right place when we arrived and there was a crowd on the sidewalk, all waiting for tables.  We went in to put our name on the list and the hostess asked us how many.  Oh, only two?  She looked over to a table where an elderly woman and man (not together, just table sharing) were having coffee.  "If you want, you can sit at this table.  They're locals."  We both said sure and sat down with two strangers.  They immediately started up a conversation with us and it was funny and cool all in one.  So they gave us pointers on ordering, like only order one German pancake because they're big.

And then the best way to fix it and eat said pancake.
FYI, put your butter on, roll it up a few times like a burrito and then pour your syrup on.
And which pastries in the case were what and which were the best.  I didn't get any pictures of the pastries but I bought PLENTY.  Maybe we need to schedule another trip just for pastries.  Pastrypallooza.

Anyway, Cosme got a Belgian waffle and an omelet.  Which, by the way, our new table companion said he forgot to tell us we should ask for the biscuit to be grilled.  I'll remember that for next time but it was still a wonderful biscuit.
The table next to us had hash browns come and I knew we needed an order as well.
Seriously, y'all.  There's no way we could've eaten it all and I didn't want to leave it but it really wouldn't have held up well.  (Hanging my head in defeat.)

By the time we finished with Luckenback and breakfast, Cosme was ready to do more.  No.  You feed me like that and I'm done.  We went back to the hotel, got our stuff loaded up and got ready to fly back.  (But first you know I had to buy a couple of t-shirts from the hotel... please.)

Anyway, we plan to go back and do more of what we did last weekend.  Maybe next time we'll hit up the vineyards instead of the brewing places and maybe even listen to some live music.  Honestly though, I'd be totally fine with more of the shops and food.  Until then, I think the latest and greatest fad diet is calling my name.

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