it's that time of

year to wonder what the rule is.  Kind of like the whole "no wearing white until Easter but definitely not after Labor Day".  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  But the one important question:

What is the official date to start burning the autumn themed candles and wax?  
I might've broken a rule but last weekend, I started.  All the wax in the Scentsy warmers went from the usual to Frosted Ginger Cookie.  I'll slowly work my way into Mandarin Moon and Maple Butter but in this house, the season has started.  If people can start with all the pumpkin recipe pins on Pinterest, I can at least have my house smell like pumpkin pie to fit in, right?

Forget it.  I'm not wondering anymore.  I hereby declare September 1st as the official day to feel free to make your house smell like fall.

In other, more shocking news, I'm going to try to sell our Cult tickets.  Did I mention I bought Cult tickets?  They're coming on October 31st.  Since then, the church has decided to do a haunted house if I can help.  If our tickets sell, we'll be scaring area kids.  If not, we'll be in Houston watching a show.  It's a win/win situation.

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