a couple of years

ago I bought dark gray hand towels for the half bath.  Once washed, they seemed purple.  I bought a few more of a different brand.  Once washed, they seemed purple too.  I just figured I'd deal with it.  Not long ago I bought light gray towels for our master bath.  I washed them and now they seem lavender.

Is it just me?  The last thing I ever planned was turning our bathroom purple.  I think the next time around I'll stick with white. 

There's a photo walk tomorrow that I haven't been able to decide on.  It's at a botanical garden in Humble.  That's a long drive.  Well, it's not a terribly long drive but it's a drive I don't really feel like making.  I still have a few hours to decide.  I doubt I'll go but I guess I could get my batteries charged just in case... unlike I did last weekend when we got 20 minutes down the road and I realized the one battery I had with me was flashing low.  It's a good thing we turned around to get another, you know, for all those pictures I didn't get.

Oh well.  I have things I need to be doing right now but I just don't feel like it.  I could start a load of laundry, run a few errands or even go get a pedicure.  I'm just not in the mood for any of it.  I was going to walk the dogs earlier but I didn't feel like having to wave at anyone.  Maybe I could do that now.  (The walking, not the waving.)  Although, if I do have to wave, it'd be at the guy who mows the neighborhood entrance and public spaces.  I'd wave my fist at him like he practically did to me the other day.  Maybe I shouldn't get out and put myself in the position of having to face anyone today.  Why can't it be a rainy day?  That'd scratch a few options off that list.  I guess as long as I'm sitting at this computer, my list of "maybe I should" is only getting longer.  Maybe I should sign off before I make myself think there are even more things I could be doing.  That sounds like a good idea.

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